November 02, 2020
Contact: Melissa Wells
Media Liaison
310-867-9469 Atlanta, GA -- Texas hospitality soars high as The Triangle welcomes STGN 49 MEDIA GROUP, and STGN BEAUMONT 27.5 to the area. STGN 49 MEDIA GROUP whose mission is to transform lives through concept and vision has a new home on a shared over the air antenna registering as 27.5 on your local television. ...

STGN is an over the air family, friendly television network offering 24/7 secular and religious programs. The network is visible in 22 countries including the United States and Canada as well as Internationally via satellite television,

Veronica J Woodard, CEO of STGN 49 MEDIA GROUP, Inc. says being over the air television is a game changer for the company. Woodard stated sharing a space on the tower with other broadcasters gives the company a sense of strength and a connection to a thriving community. STGN BEAUMONT 27.5 has plans to do more than offer news and traditional programming. Woodard says STGN BEAUMONT 27.5 has plans to rebuild the film community with great television productions from script to screen, auditions, film festivals, employment opportunities and Big Screen Productions.

STGN 49 MEDIA GROUP is recognized as a national, independent television broadcasting company with its headquarters located in Atlanta, GA. The network can be seen on ROKU, Glorystar Satellite, DIRECT TV, Rochelle Cable, Citizens Cable and starting January 1st in The Triangle on your local television channel 27.5.

STGN: Sent Television Global Network

Atlanta, GA 30326
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